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How to Deal With a Panic Attack at Work
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Even though a panic attack lasts for a brief period, the long-term impacts are more pronounced and can take a toll on your mental health. Your might feel chills down the spine, a dizzy head, nausea and blackouts in extreme cases. Whichever is the case, following these steps can soothe your nerves and help you deal with the sudden symptoms:

Take a Mental Note

First and foremost, accept that it’s a panic attack which will pass shortly. Living in denial is a losing situation and only aggravates the associated feelings. Don’t over bother and overthink about a panic attack stealing the joys of your life. Simply watch it as a response to an extremely stressful situation. Say to yourself that having a panic attack is common, and no big deal. Then, work towards a remedy in the next step.

Gulp a Pint of Water

To beat a panic attack, it’s important to calm down and a pint of water can do wonders. Be seated and have a glass of water first. Then, take a couple of deep breaths and try to let go of the negative emotions that triggered the panic attack in the first place. It can be a traumatic memory, uncertainty about the future or a looming deadline. Whatever it is, allow the feeling to go and don’t stick for long.

Dissociate from the Situation

Make sure to get away from the situation that caused the panic attack. You must understand that sticking to the place and emotion won’t do any good and distraction becomes imperative. Go for a short stroll, flex your muscles a bit and you will return to the present moment in no-time.

Talk to a Loved One

Feeling of negativity can cloud your mind immediately after a bout of panic attack. Therefore, you must not be aloof right after a panic attack or else you will end up entering a vicious circle of negative thoughts. Simply call someone you trust or have developed bonding over time. It can be a friend, mom, dad, spouse or even siblings. Ring them up and say that you are feeling low and need to talk. Vent your negative emotions and get started with a fresh spirit again.

For a long term outlook, you can also take up stress busting activities such as cycling, Yoga or meditation. Remember that no matter how difficult a situation is, it’s not worth stressing over and have panic attacks out of them. Develop a positive outlook that will reflect in the form of better mental health in the long run. Stay cheerful!

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Originally published November 02 2018,updated June 29 2019

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