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How To Describe WAH to those who don’t Understand
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When somebody asks you what do you do for a living and if you happen to be freelancer or a professional who use WAH (Working At Home) as an arrangement with  a company, it’s a troublesome situation to be in. But if you know the tricks, you can easily answer such tricky questions and satiate the curiosity pang of employees, managers, neighbors, and people in general. Some tips:

  • It’s Just a Matter of Different Location:

It’s often difficult to make people understand what working at home means with a majority carrying a lot of misconceptions regarding the model it works on. Whenever you are required to answer what do you do for a living, just say you work with so and so company from home. It’s just a matter of a different location of working without any change in the salary, benefits, and work models.

  • There’s No Change in Productivity, Availability, or other Dimensions:

A conjecture regarding WAH is you can be unproductive and unavailable and still get to keep the money.  Help people understand that just like technology makes contacting everyone agnostic of the geography they live in, tell them your work is location-agnostic too. There’s no change in your productivity or availability and you often do meetings, collaboration, and discussion with your colleagues and managers on Whatsapp, LinkedIn, phone, Facebook (Workplace), or any other tool that you use.

Topics: Human Resource Career

Originally published April 12 2019,updated November 18 2019

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