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How to Generate Quality Leads on Social Media
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  • Launch Video Marketing

Nothing can convey your value proposition and persuade users to sign-up for your products and services than a short 3-4 minutes video. Invest time in creating a video that outlines what problems people face and how your product can be a possible solution. Get crystal clear with the value you offer whether it’s saving users’ money, time, efforts or anything else. Alternatively, if you are short on time and your budget is tight - tools such as Design Wizard's online video editor are a great way of launching your business' video marketing efforts.

  • Create a Tool or App

You can also launch an app that your users can download to solve one of their pressing problems. Work on an intuitive interface and announce the launch via social media channels. Next, persuade people to sign-up for a free demo. For instance, a business that helps other businesses build better websites can launch an app that rates sites on certain parameters, highlights crucial issues and suggest corrections as an offering or service. You can also direct people to your website via the message hosted on the social media channel.

  • Content-Driven Strategy

Churn out a data-driven insightful report that is an overlap between your product and a burning problem that your users face and run it across social media. Work on a captivating messaging and visual appeal and allow users to download in exchange of their sign-up details. This way, you can capture quality leads and nurture them to ultimately become paying customers.

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Originally published January 31 2019,updated October 12 2019

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