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How to Get the Most Out of your Team
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Getting the most out of people is more about driving and motivating them intrinsically and less about paying them handsomely.

Here are some great tips to get the most out of people:

  • Give them the Purpose:

Have visible and transparent vision and mission which are broken down into clear and detailed organizational objectives for each departments which is further narrowed down and defined for different individuals in a team. The individuals in each team must be helped with understanding how their efforts are moving the needle for the company and eventually tying back to the broader organizational objectives.

This helps them see their company as their own entrepreneurial journey and consider themselves to be on a mission to achieve a broader objective. It shows them how their efforts are actually helping in achieving organizational objectives which they accomplish by coming up with new ideas and innovations about almost everything- systems, processes, and tools- which helps them be better professionals and help the organization be a better company.        

  • Show them the Impact of their Work:

Every new project and associated individual tasks must be analyzed to check what’s working and what’s not. Give employees various measurable goals to achieve in a period of time which are tracked and measured on a continuous and frequent basis. Against each measurement, try to understand where the employees are lagging behind which, in turn, is followed by understanding the pain points of the employees, and any difficulty they are achieving in completing their goals, marked by frequent course-corrections. All of it ensures performance reviews and feedback are not a yearly or half-yearly program but a constant and continuous process.  

  • Aligning their Passion to their Work:

People are driven by their passions and if you help them find it in their work, nothing can be better than that. While try to motivate employees in different departments by giving them certain responsibilities for a short-term, for the long-term align them to the tasks which are closely associated with their passions. Their passions and intrinsic motivations are gauged from the results of their short-term goals which are then fit into their long-term organizational objectives which works as a win-win situation for the employees as well as the company.

Topics: Human Resource

Originally published January 11 2019,updated November 18 2019

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