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How to Invest in Your Career for $20 or Less
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Investing in your career is indispensable for your career growth but need not be a highly money consuming process. You can pursue some investments at the paltry sum of $20 or even less. Some of the super exciting ways in which you can think about where to invest and how to add value to your portfolio or career are:

  • Go for Courses not Related to your Stream:

If you are an engineer, go for project management course and if you are a designer go for business writing course or vice versa- primarily the main idea behind planning for courses not related to your specialization, job position, or industry is to expand your skill sets and competencies in the market- transform your career, make you irreplaceable in case of lay-offs, and future-ready in times of disruptive technological forces at play. It also increases the number of career opportunities for you as you have highly expansive skillsets now. 

Some examples are:

  • Webinars and Podcasts:

There are many podcasts and webinars which you can subscribe to either free of cost or less than $20. Listening to them broadens the horizon of your industry knowledge and business understanding, helps you adapt to the future as well as give you the much-needed inspiration and motivation from the best of the best from the world of business, sports, and technology.

Some examples are:

  • Toastmaster Club:

The demand for soft skills like communication skills, leadership skills, and public speaking skills can’t be denied in startups and modern multinational organizations alike. Wanting to build your soft skills should be your numero uno career objective and can be realized quite effectively by joining a Toastmasters Club or any other such club which will prepare you to avoid anxiety and nervousness in interviews or any other public speaking avenue.

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Originally published August 30 2019,updated December 07 2019

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