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How to Pursue your Dream when Everyone says it will Fail
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You find more naysayers than yaysayers when you set your heart to your dream. But instead of getting disappointed, here’s what you can do to give a direction to your dreams:

Take such Comments in your Stride:

Nobody ever became successful without everyone telling them they won’t succeed. You should develop a positive attitude and outlook toward such people and comments. Take such negative comments in your stride and think why they must be saying it. Add those

reasons to your personal list of why you could fail and tick them off with a ancillary cushion or support for such reasons. For example, if people say there are a lot of competitors in the market, think of what you will be offering different or think how you would start offering your services in a market niche with a low competition.

Plan and Strategize:

Treat your dream as a plan and a strategy that you have to achieve in a set timeline. The trajectory of the progress of your work must be in consonance with your deadlines and expectations. Give yourself a time by which you should have been able to achieve a little part of your dream.

Keep plan B ready for each step of the dream. Ask people who have been there, done that, and have been successful in doing so. Seek guidance of such people, support from your family members, and your belief-system in your skills and capabilities.

Consciously and impartially think of all the reasons why your dream will fail. You can even ask your friends to contribute to the list of reasons of your failures. Keep another plan or cushion ready for each event of failure.


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Originally published April 19 2019,updated January 22 2020

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