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How to style an entrepreneurs with new efficiency?
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For the one who wears multiple hats to fulfill multiple responsibilities, hiring people with a leadership mindset can make all the difference to his/her individual efficiency .

If your hires are self-driven, motivated and take complete ownership of their work, delegation becomes a cakewalk and you can focus your time and energy on business critical activities aligned to your mission and vision. You no longer have to kill time chasing for updates or repeated follow-ups that can be utilized for discussions such as gaps in marketing, the launch of your next product and so on.

Other than that, business owners must be selective when it comes to attending meetings and events or else, a major chunk of the day may go unproductive. Say “Present” only in those meetings where insights on business critical areas such as financial planning, product launch or a marketing revamp are the agenda.

Remember that you are never going to feel you’re doing enough and therefore, learn to set boundaries and set aside space for your personal and spiritual growth as well. Hope that helps!

Topics: Human Resource

Originally published August 21 2018,updated November 18 2019

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