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How to Use AI to Create a More Personalized and Human Workforce
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How about leveraging AI to make interactions more human? Technology leveraged the right way could change the fortunes of organizations by driving more engagement and productivity from employees. Listed below are some important questions and answers about the same:

How to use AI in the workplace? How does that tech improve the lives of the employees, both personally and professionally?


With AI-enabled remote working technology, employees have the leeway to be more flexible- employees can collaborate with anywhere with different team members, have video calls made, and work according to what works best for them. This increases productivity, motivation, and engagement of employees.  

Training Need Assessment:

When you go ahead with any training and learning development initiatives within the organization, make it a point that training need assessment is conducted. AI systems will help you create a strong strategy about the skill-gaps, the need of training to build different capabilities, and what works best in closing such gaps.

When first implementing new AI tech, how do you communicate to employees that the tech is meant to personalize and improve their work lives?

A crucial step for any new technological implementation is to communicate effectively with the employees. The technology has to be leveraged by the people to make the investment in such technology worthwhile. A technology which isn’t used profitably doesn’t affect any aimed technological objectives for the organization as well as the employees.

Send email communication to all the employees and ask them to test the new technology and to let you know for any feedback and suggestions. Conduct regular sessions for training such AI-enabled technology to employees. Each feedback and suggestion received should be reviewed. Also, get in touch with those employees facing problems through a meeting or on a call to understand and help them resolve their issues. Set up a helpdesk physically as well as virtually through emails to completely align a new technology to the needs of the employees.  

Why do you believe AI is critical in creating a more personalized and human workforce?

AI is an enabler of human capacities and possibilities. With AI measuring patterns, behaviors, and habits become easier which are not even on the surface. When an employee feels more productive, how remote working helps them have a great work-life balance, and what are they achieving with training and development initiatives become crystal clear with AI. AI builds a foundation on which better employee engagement and employee experience becomes possible.

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Originally published April 12 2019,updated February 22 2020

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