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How to use Google My Business to Boost Growth
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A lot of brands have their Google My Business profile which can be viewed as a knowledge panel on the right side by searching for a brand. It lists all the crucial information about a brand, their location, working hours, number of employees, founders, contact number, and a lot of other features. By effectively leveraging this panel, you can boost your business growth and expansion. Scroll below to know of some great ways to do it:  

  • Add Good Quality Images:

To fully leverage the impact of Google My Business, add high-quality images from time to time of your business- the building facade, office premise from the inside, people working or the customers enjoying their time. You can even ask your customers to post some images of you on your GMB page. Don’t forget to moderate the images from your customers for quality images, images falling outside the ambit of regulations or being offensive, and images which have nothing to do with your business.

  • Keep Updating Content:

With GMB page, you can present a short and crisp summary of what you do, where you are located, how you do it, and what customers think of you. Not limited to these, you can also add your content pieces like news, blogs, articles, discounts, offers, and promotions. Keep replying to your customer’s reviews, offering them solutions for their complaints or notes of thankfulness for their kind words.

  • Post Video as Images or Posts:

You can also post videos on your GMB profile. Since it’s relatively new, not many businesses have videos on their GMB profiles. You can use videos as your competitive advantage over others either as images or posts. Posting videos as images can be low on resolution so it’s better to post them as new posts which offer better video resolution.

  • Customize Theme and Design:

Always customize your business by choosing a theme and design which defines who you are, what you stand for, and your brand story is. This one aspect is easy to be overlooked but presents a lot of possibilities to create a mental image in the minds of customers. Choose from a variety of customized themes and designs to reflect your brand’s representation and overall marketing feel.  

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Originally published March 01 2019,updated May 27 2020

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