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How to Write an Employee Communication Plan
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Before sitting down to strategize and write an employee plan along with the stakeholders, make sure you follow these pointers:

  • Helping People See the Future:

While working in a startup and overseeing its eventual acquiring by a global consulting giant, I have come to realize this one thing- if you are leading people, it has to be participative and collaborative. In times of leadership change, people tend to perceive it as a loss of business vision or they fear about how their role positioning would change. I held various meetings and business lunches with each department to clearly and transparently communicate to them where we are, where we want to be, and what we expect from them.   

  • Change Management:

To be able to effectively handle change management related to technology or regarding merger and acquisition in the workplace, it’s imperative to be able to stand on the level of people you are announcing the change to and think from their perspective and merge your perspective to theirs effectively. Imposing any change without bringing people onboard is only going to derail your plans. Emotional intelligence, compassion, mindfulness, and empathy are the soft skills you need to develop to excellently communicate with people and bring them under the fold of your plans. Acceptance of change is greater if everyone is able to buy-in. The authority and communication you affirm should be such that people are ready to invest their trust in your beliefs and vision, they might not be able to foresee the future completely but are nonetheless ready to understand why you are doing it and what are the benefits.

It gets more difficult if you go on increasing the team size, but by being available to address the unspoken fear of your people, listening to their concerns, and alleviating them effectively is the only right way to build credibility and lead the change.

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Originally published May 10 2019,updated January 22 2020

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