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How to Write your Bio as a Freelance Social Media Specialist on Social Media
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Look below for one of the examples for how your bio should be for social media platforms if you are a freelance social media specialist.


Hilary Crawford

A social media evangelist and specialist helping brands big and small create a voice in the din for 8 years.

Check my bio (   

This example covers almost everything here that a prospective recruiter would want to look at. Here’s a short summary for how to write a great bio:  

  • Tell a Cohesive and Compelling Personal Brand Story:

As a freelance social media specialist, you are selling yourself and creating a personal brand. Your bio must tell a cohesive and compelling story of what you are, what you do, how many years of experience you have, and what kinds of brands you deal with. With just one sentence you should be able to put out all these points to your audience. Saying who you are without what you do or vice-versa will leave a gap in your communication and wanting in information.

  • Add a Link to a Document Listing all your Work:

Don’t stuff your bio with a lot of information which leaves a person distracted, hazy, and without a clear picture. Add a link to an online page or downloadable PDF document about the clients you have worked with, their testimonials, links to your work, the metrics you have helped them convert, and screenshots, if available.

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Originally published April 19 2019,updated January 22 2020

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