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How’s your Office Designed? Open Space vs
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What kind of office space design do you have- an open or closed space? Or is it a mix kind of both the kinds of spaces? Read on to know whether the kind of space which you presently have adds any value to your employees’ productivity and effectiveness or not.  

The Benefits of OPEN Offices:

Open spaces at the office infuses and enthuses the collaborative spirit. There’s no hierarchy that defines how the seating area is arranged - the managers, senior managers, and associates- all sit together and brainstorm about topics. The management is highly approachable and reaching them is as easy as walking up to their seats and asking them to talk- there's no formality and no calendar schedules involved. Open spaces are an excellent way to break the ice between people, engage employees in a meaningful way, reduce mental stress and help depressed individuals, as well as build relationships between people that go beyond 9-5. 

The Disadvantages of OPEN Offices: 

As these are open spaces, distraction becomes part and parcel of dealing with business. The spaces can become too noisy and crowded with different people talking to each other or discussing project detail for you to work effectively and productively. You can’t concentrate on your work and more often than not find yourself being part of that exciting conversation where you can contribute so much or latest grapevine you don’t have any clue of. Not just this, to make up for your lost work, you tend to work even after office hours disrupting your work-life balance and leading to sleep deprivation the next day in the office.  

The Benefits of PRIVATE Offices:

With private cubicles as your working space, you are free from distractions that come with open spaces and you can work with full concentration in your work. You tend to be more productive and don’t need to disrupt your work-life balance to support your daily work commitments. With private spaces, you have ambient space to discuss in privacy the things you want to discuss not just professionally but personally too.

The Disadvantages of PRIVATE offices:

These areas can alienate and separate colleagues from each other- sabotaging the collaboration, team-building, and tete-a-tete between people which indirectly affects the objects and business success. When people work in silos, they are not very open and ready to share their ideas, discuss new concepts, and eventually help each other improve.

Topics: HR News and Trends

Originally published August 30 2019,updated December 07 2019

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