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Keeping Millennial Employees Engaged and Feeling Appreciated
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Everyone knows millennial needs are different from the other generations like baby boomers and Generation X. They are quick to know whether or not their work makes any change, if they are valued, and are they motivated enough to stick to a place.They are even more quick to decide they want to leave a company for a lack of all the reasons that make them stick with an organization. How can these agile, easily disengaged, and highly motivated individuals be made feel appreciated? Through the below mentioned measures:       

  • Employee Motivation:

If employees can't see the value or direct impact of their work on the organization's success, they soon lose their interest and get demotivated. Employees, especially the millennial generation and gen Z have to be given a constant spark in their work in order to retain them. The employees should be given objectives and goals which show core metrics of how their work is impacting the larger scheme of things and organizational vision. The direct alignment of their role to the organization’s profit ignites their passion and motivation for the work increasing productivity and business bottomline.

  • Health:

While employees have the option of availing medical insurance from the organization, a lot of employees gave it a miss because a lot of insurance cards miss particular hospital branches, doctors, and dentists which the employees had prior good experience and relationship with. Have in place a wider network of doctors and dentists so that employees don’t have to switch their doctors without their heart. This will naturally lead to more employees availing their health insurance card and better engagement in driving people’s physical health.

  • Weekly Stand-up Meetings:

Each of the organizational departments can arrange for weekly stand-up meetings where they talk about their challenges, problems in operations and execution, management style, or any other issues. Not limited to just the problems part, they can also talk about what they wish to achieve that week and what they achieved a week before, any new trend sweeping their channels, or anything, in general, that is interesting and beneficial for all to know. This kind of group meetings is a way to effectively communicate with each other, talk about challenges, or feel motivated towards announcing professional successes.   

  • Have Continuous Performance Evaluation:

At the end of each quarter, measure their performance through the numbers they generate. It’s essential to understand here that managers have to handhold when the employees need, revisit assigned KRAs to accommodate current challenges, and have discussions to understand those challenges. As the business strategy is continuously evolving, employees objectives will be in step with such evolutions. Also, employee challenges and expectations have to be streamlined with the business strategy. The business strategy can’t run independent of employees’ expectations. There can be programs for best performer of the week, month, and year with major incentives like free-gym membership, additional benefits in life or health insurance, travel packages, and customized experiences for employees. 

  • Financial Wellness/Literacy Programs:

Employees often lack financial literacy and are a loss of options when investing their money wisely because of complicated financial jargon, and lacuna in understanding of which investment options or financial instruments like mutual funds, equity, debt, or retirement corpus plans can help them achieve their objectives and life plans. Availability of financial literacy programs with financial experts or counsellors in the organization from time to time can boost the confidence and trust of employees in the culture and brand narrative of a company.

Topics: HR News and Trends

Originally published July 12 2019,updated June 07 2020

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