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Keeping New Hires Engrossed the Right Way
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It’s highly imperative to keep the newly hired employees engaged. The lack of any engagement in the initial stages can lead such employees to abscond or leave the organization in very few days.

Engaging new people isn’t just the responsibility of the HR. Undoubtedly it starts with them but slowly moves on to the line manager, team lead, and colleagues.

Engagement comes with a robust orientation program which:

  • Allows the new joinee to know people better

  • Helps the new joinee know about the company

  • Offers a long-term vision and the employee's role in helping the organization reach it.

  • A Welcoming Environment:

Make the employee feel comfortable in reaching out to people, peers, and managers. The office culture must promote some sort of a pre-planned arrangement from the team for the new employee- may be having a small celebration or lunch together to reduce the initial inhibitions.      

  • A Tour of Company Events, Processes, and Vision:

The easiest way to engage an employee is to talk about fun first and work later. The orientation program must give a brief about what all events and activities happen around the year. It must be followed by a quick walkthrough of the tools, processes, and operations of the organization. Moreover, provide them with a quick summary of people the person needs to contact for various issues along with all the HR information they need to have.  

  • Company’s Long-term Vision and Individual Role to Achieve it:

Every individual has certain responsibilities on which depends the organizational success. Let the new employees know what gap in the organizational landscape led to their hiring. How they expect the individual to help organization bridge those gaps and how all these efforts will be directed to the company's bigger vision.

Topics: Human Resource

Originally published March 28 2019,updated October 12 2019

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