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Leveraging Twitter to Increase Brand Awareness
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Twitter, since its inception, catered to the market’s need of information, insights, and what’s trending in any industry around the world. It’s an instant way to connect with the like-minded people or audience who are searching for your offered products by following the hashtags.

You can create a marketing strategy around the hashtags trending in your industry and offer content which is not directly selling but espousing interests in the clients and customers to know more about where you are coming from and what is it that you are offering.    

TweetChat is an excellent feature of Twitter that helps people and businesses connect over hashtags around burning topics which are going viral in the market. By being a part of this tool, you get to experience what’s trending and how you can create your content strategy and marketing campaign around it. 

Inviting influencers and thought leaders to join the conversation is a great way for increased impact and value-addition to your TweetChat marketing strategy. It will make a huge difference in audience engagement levels and push your content to go viral. Asking such influencers to join the conversation has a sure-shot impact which is hard to be matched by a simple conversation including just the audience.

Topics: HR News and Trends

Originally published December 07 2018,updated May 27 2020

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