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LinkedIn Direct Message Tips and Etiquette
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LinkedIn is not a social media profile. The rubrics of communication and networking is entirely different from other means of socializing because you are dealing in a professional realm. So, the question is- how to effectively communicate on LinkedIn via messages? Read below to know the answer.      

  • Make your Proposition Fruitful for Both the Parties:

Whenever you initiate a conversation, it must come from a genuine reason and it must have a value proposition for both the party. The networking shouldn’t happen just for the sake of growing your LinkedIn followership but to exchange information, ideas, or if there are opportunities to learn from each other and be mutually beneficial for each other.

  • Make your Approach Personalized:

Don’t copy and paste your LinkedIn automated suggested replies to everyone. While it’s easy to use and makes your conversations effortless, the individual on the other side is also aware of such automated replies. Such conversations are neither genuine nor impressive and don’t add any creative element to it. Nobody likes the same format or template to be sent across. Everyone is looking for some new ideas, genuine conversations, and valuable discussions.     

  • Don’t Make your Messages too Pushy:

Keep your language flair such that it doesn’t suggest you’re pushy or trying to sell something. A lot of LinkedIn professionals receive a lot of messages a day and to make your conversations stand apart, build the connect as to why you think they make the right people to be approached. Whatever the topic is around which the conversation revolves, keep it direct and straight. Don’t talk about everything under the sun and then reach your actual reasons.

  • Keep your Messages Open-ended:

Your messages should act like a foot in the door- a medium of creating a conversation. Make your messages a dialogue which is open-ended and fuels thoughts and feedback from the other party. ‘I would appreciate your help’ or ‘I was thinking if we could pursue this’ are some of the good conversation-starters.

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Originally published March 01 2019,updated May 27 2020

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