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Make Way for Diversity: How Recruiters Can Boost Workplace Diversity Through Recruitment
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First of all, we must understand the meaning of diversity in it’s true sense. While most people correlate diversity with race, gender and religion; it’s only a tip of the iceberg. Personality and behavior are crucial factors that must be included while defining the very concept of diversity. As behavior and personality are two key traits defining and influencing diversity at workplace, it’s important to measure both with precision. At Mettl, we use our own AI-enabled, intelligent recruitment management software Hiretrack to ensure we get the best of both worlds in our talent pool.

The software ensures that diversity is maintained across all levels of the hiring pipeline, whether it’s sourcing, screening, interviewing or selection. Introducing psychometric and cognitive assessments at different stages help us understand a candidates; behavior spectrum along with the bright and dark traits of their personality. So, we manage to build a pipeline that contains people with different values, priorities, work ethics, choices and preferences. And the precision increases at every stage in the recruitment cycle.

Until the time we take a decision, we are sure that the assessment process coupled with face-to-face interviews has provided a highly diverse, yet competent candidate pool. The software also has a powerful reporting feature to reveal about on what competencies a candidate is high and on what they are low. We can easily figure out introverts, extroverts, team players, independent contributors that can add distinct flavors to the workplace while working in conjunction with each other and that’s how we maintain a diverse workforce with every single requisition we float.

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Originally published September 04 2018,updated October 12 2019

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