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Out of the Box Office Perks: Have You Tried Any Yet?
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Employee preferences have drastically changed over these years and free meals and discount are no longer enough to entice them. To appeal to their idea of employee engagement, it’s time that you introduce something out of the box or watch them leave for better.

  • Relaxation and Wellness

All round employee wellness should be your go-to area which is not only cost effective, but also a sought-after perk for employees; thanks to their busy schedules. You can have a masseuse, acupuncture specialist or yoga instructor on board who can take care of your employees’ stiff body with targeted exercises and help them maintain a “work-life-health” balance which is essential. After all, nothing can be more relaxing than a good neck massage that takes the stress off strained muscles during or after a tiring day.

  • Have an Exotic Inventory

Every employee has a secret wish-list or activities that they desperately want to pursue, but can hardly take time off their busy schedules. If you can fulfill a long-pending wish of the employee, you are a step ahead in the employee engagement game. Create an environment where an employee finds no difference between a workplace and a recreation avenue. They shouldn’t feel at work, but home where they are free to pursue activities catering to their interests. Try these items in your inventory that might have a one time cost, but still have a high shelf life and durability that can cater to hundreds to thousands of employees. Here’re possible items you can include:

  • Golf Sticks for luxury sports fanatics
  • Bicycles for fitness enthusiasts
  • Fitness devices for health junkies
  • High-priced earphones and electric guitars for music fans
  • Playstation and Xbox for hard core gamers

Topics: Employee Engagement

Originally published September 12 2018,updated October 12 2019

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