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Salary History or Salary Expectation- Which One is your HR Interview Question?
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“What is your salary expectation”- that’s the question we all have been asked in interviews and still have difficulty finding the best answer to. Does compensation has to depend on effective salary negotiation skills of an individual and or real on-job expertise?  

The best part between asking salary expectations and leaving salary history out of the scene is you are bringing the peripheral requirement of talent in the front and center as a core business imperative. You are evaluating the fresher or experienced candidates on the value they offer in the now and not straitjacketing them and yourself to believe if they weren't better in the past and had low salaries, they perhaps wouldn’t have evolved today to deserve what they think they deserve. It’s certainly not about how to answer such salary questions but how have they improved in their experience over the years and what skills they bring onboard.

Salary history creates biases in your mind that if the candidates earned this salary earlier, maybe they deserve this and I might be overvaluing their skills leading you to eventually fix a salary a little higher than their present salaries.

Topics: HR News and Trends

Originally published August 30 2019,updated February 22 2020

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