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Small Business Pitfalls: Are You Committing These 3 Rookie Mistakes?
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No matter whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, it’s not immune to mistakes. After all, mistakes are the stepping stones to business success, Right? However, you must also develop a habit to learn from experience, if you want to scale your business quickly with less frustration and without wasting precious resources. Check out if you are committing these small business mistakes.

  • Inadequate Market and Competitor Research

Most small businesses falter while conducting market research, thereby creating a product or service that doesn’t appeal to their customers. More often than not, they end up creating a product that lacks the ability to match up to the growing preferences and expectations of customers. Top that up with undermining competitor abilities and lack of understanding the market pulse, the gap between the customers’ expectations and the created product line widens and at a point, becomes impossible to bridge.

  • Choosing Aspirational Metrics Over Operational Metrics

Small business owners often give more weightage to aspirational metrics, thereby ignoring the key operational metrics that define the health of a business. And when aspirational metrics are chosen over operational ones responsible for the health of the business, it severely impacts the bottom line.

  • Poorly Anticipating Business Growth

When businesses go wrong on anticipating business growth, they fail to rope in the right resources at the right time to augment the growth. Not having built a talent pipeline to meet the growing business requirements, they end up in a resource crunch; often running pillar to post for getting the right people on board in time pressed situations.

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Originally published August 27 2018,updated June 07 2020

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