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Some Employee Benefits’ Questions HRs are Asked Repeatedly
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Multiple queries with varied shades keep pouring on the already overbooked schedule of HR professionals and they have to accommodate all possible inquisitions, quick questions, random queries and what not? We round up such questions HRs are continuously asked no matter how many times they have cleared the air of confusion around it.

  • Whether or not an investment instrument is tax-saving or not:

It’s only when an employee tends to plan to invest in an instrument or during the tax-filing period, does an employee remember to ask and be concerned about which investment instrument saves them tax, how income tax has to be declared, what documents need to be submitted, and other such income tax-related questions.     

  • How medical insurance has to be availed:

That’s a question that has been coming to the HR department a lot and that too at the nick of time from employees standing in the hospitals trying to understand the process, the hospitals that they can go to, and whether or not their hospital and doctor are covered under the mediclaim policy. Throughout the year or when the mediclaim orientation session is on, we receive very few queries regarding a better comprehension of medical insurance policies.

Topics: HR News and Trends

Originally published June 21 2019,updated February 22 2020

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