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Some Thought on Peer Mentoring in Business
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Peer mentoring in my understanding is having an experience in something and helping others with no knowledge on it.

When we haven’t been in a space and situation, we have a lot of apprehensions regarding how it will turn out to be, we wish somebody could help us know the inside out of a place, situation, and any idea. The best way out of such a situation is usually to have information from a person who has experienced it all and can guide us- that’s peer mentoring.

In a school setting, the students who have crossed a certain grade can help others currently studying in that grade and experiencing stressful time and negative emotions can be helped by the former. Expanding the same analogy to the business environment, an entrepreneur starting on the journey of setting up a business with no knowledge on how to secure funds from investors and venture capitalists can ask a person who has been there and done that.

The same holds true for office or any activity like traveling abroad to a new city.

Another side of this concept is- in different stages and contexts of personal and professional life, we keep changing the roles between a mentor and mentee. A mentor might become a mentee and a mentee, mentor.

The benefits gained from peer mentorship are not too prominent to be seen right away but can only show direct and measurable impact in the long-term. In peer mentorship, both parties are building relationships, learning new things, and evolving continuously. With the increased knowledge sharing, you tend to make fewer mistakes because you are aware of it beforehand and are collaborating with different people for new avenues of networking which creates a strong self-thriving community. This community acts as a self-sustaining ecosystem has lots of mentees and mentors playing different roles at different times to each other.

Peer mentoring is all about building a highly-successful and thriving community to help and learn from each other which spells success for everyone involved.

Topics: Human Resource Business

Originally published January 11 2019,updated October 12 2019

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