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Taking Employee Engagement to the Next Level: 3 Tips for a Kickass Start
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First and foremost, you must learn that engagement stems from motivation. If employees are able to drive meaning from their work and seek fulfilment; only then the idea of engagement works. These are my time-tested ideas to drive engagement:

  • Allow Liberty to Experiment

If you are fixated about doing a task in a certain way because it’s been done like that since ages, it’s time for a change now. You must allow your employees to bring in unconventional ideas to solve a problem and most importantly, allow them to implement or realize the idea. There’s again a caveat to the approach. Render them your complete support to implement an idea and propagate the idea of “WINNING” and “FAILING” together and not standalone. When employees get your support and are not afraid of a beating; they work with full potential that drives engagement. When you win, you win and if you lose, you learn together. That’s that.

  • Promote Healthy Competition

Employees thrive for change and challenge and equipping them with both is a sureshot strategy to drive engagement. Allow them to break the monotony and let them be a part of group efforts. The idea is to foster healthy competition among peers while helping each other unearth the full-potential beyond the regular work they do. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Not only you improve peer-to-peer interactions to create a healthy work environment, you also plant the seeds to better learning agility.

  • Adapt a Purpose-Driven Approach

Employees strive for fulfilment and targets are only the outcome. Rather than making targets the deal breaker, show them the power of individual contributions in unlocking the potential of the organization. Appreciate individual contributions and continue fulfilling the desire for fulfillment. Once employees find a sense of belonging in the tasks they do, the targets will follow.

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Originally published September 27 2018,updated October 12 2019

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