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Talent Management and its Strategic Importance in Business
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Broadly, you can categorize human resources and talent management in the same bracket. But their slight nuance can make a huge difference for corporations around the world. Here’s a quick look at what defines talent management and its strategic importance in the business world:

  • How do you define talent management?

Talent management is as much about getting the right person for a role as it is about understanding the strategic value of it in the organization’s long and short-term objectives. In the broader organizational context, talent management helps in strategically evaluating the importance of different roles and their optimum positioning to achieve a competitive advantage, success, and business bottom line.

  • Why is talent management so important in today's corporate climate?

Talent management aligns an individual’s passions with the organization's vision. It essentially accelerates individual skill enhancements and experiential learning, making arrangements for everything required to empower a professional in his/her role. Talent management - primarily an ecosystem for both individuals and organizations to grow simultaneously and that defines its strategic and corporate importance.   

  • What HR positions are typically responsible for talent management, and what are some of their job duties related to talent management?

Talent management is of strategic importance within the realm of people practice. Individuals who work directly with business heads of different divisions ,such as senior HR practitioners, HR business partners, and CHROs take care of these responsibilities.    

Talent management is a vast pool of various responsibilities. Nothing that is in the ambit of people and business intelligence like planning, structuring, hiring, employee engagement, succession planning, employee retention, talent development, learning, and training is out of bounds for talent management.

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Originally published October 22 2019,updated June 07 2020

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