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The Art of Valuing Introverts at A Workplace the Right Way
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The best way to value introverts at a company is to allow them express in a way they are most comfortable and convenient with. Just because introverts detest the idea of public expression and social interactions, it doesn’t mean they lack expression or fail to bring value to conversations.

It only means they are more comfortable around certain people and are therefore, open to giving suggestions in-person with no large gatherings.

Allowing them to float suggestions via written word can be a bulletproof strategy! Having a one-on-one discussion can also work wonders.

Even though introverts put-in a great deal of efforts and focus to bring results, they struggle to vouch for their achievements like extroverts. Success is more like a silent noise inside for them. They fail to express and therefore, fail to impress in most situations.

As far as promotions are concerned, introverts struggle to showcase their achievements despite their efforts; thanks to their inward behavior. They might not be able to pull strings the way an extrovert does, that can come as a roadblock to their promotions. However, it’s only relevant at workplaces that are not driven by clear goals and a KPI-KRA based approach. If the end goal is clear in the beginning, the end results or metrics say it all during promotions; irrespective of the person being an introvert or extrovert. However, introverts have to make conscious efforts to claim the pie for their hard work in unorganized work environments with no clearly defined KPIs and KRAs.

Answering why every workplace should hire introverts, they work around an invincible zone with a high focus and don’t get deterred from the goals easily. Introverts are also low on public interactions, so the likelihood of indulging in crosstalks and grapevine is also less compared to extroverts; an essential element for a highly productive workplace. However, every workplace must try and find a healthy mix between introverts and extroverts.

Topics: Work-Culture

Originally published September 27 2018,updated October 12 2019

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