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The Ban List: Things You Shouldn’t Talk About at Workplace
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There’s no doubt that water cooler conversations can help employees develop a stronger bonding at work. However, what they discuss during that time becomes the deal breaker. If they talk constructive and discuss hobbies and interests that keep their spirit alive outside work, nothing like that. Discussions can be centered around sports, travel, movies, sports and other rational interests that infuse a positive spirit and add flavor to the workplace routine.

There’re are a few “unsaid rules” at workplace to which every employee must abide, if they are to be a part of a thriving workplace that also contributes to their long-term professional and mental being. Here’s what employees must refrain from at workplace:

  • Bad-Mouthing Peers and Managers

It’s important to understand that nothing can be worse than bad-mouthing a colleague in a group or even in-person. First and foremost, you must not hold resentment or grudges against a colleague for the sake of professional harmony. Most employees see bad-mouthing colleagues as a fun-filled and pleasurable activity; however, the reality is a complete contrast.

Feeding your hatred against a colleague only pollutes the way you think and injects negativity to your mind that sooner or later, starts reflecting in your actions and impacts your productivity. No matter how much trust you lend to a person, every word you say in favor or against a person is a part of “grapevine” and propagates in one or the other form. What starts as a one-way resentment, becomes a two-way street to spite and hatred that yields nothing in the end and spoils professional equations.

  • Discussing Shortcomings of the Workplace

Most employees use their leisure time cursing the workplace and how it has made their life miserable. From an agonizing boss to the meager paychecks; there is no end to spilling negativity. But, guess what? All complaining and no action only harms the way you think and builds up an inescapable chamber of negativity. Rather than going on and on how a workplace sucks, why not have a discussion to make it a whole better? You can reach to the concerned authorities in-person and drop a gentle feedback and see the difference!

  • Rumor Mongering and Gossiping

Rumors spread like wildfire and can destroy the integrity and reputation of a person in seconds. Employees must steer clear of baseless rumors at workplace that adds no value to the organization, but only chaos and toxicity to the floor. Every employee must apply filters to what they speak and hear before they pass it on to others in the circle. Keeping the discussions productive that caters to each others’ interests can be a far better option to thrive.

Topics: Workplace Ethics

Originally published September 27 2018,updated October 12 2019

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