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The Cross- Functional Team: the Pros, Cons, and More
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Building brand consciousness and marketing system is a linear progression model. When you are coming out with a very targeted report in the market or for any marketing initiative, your primary concern remains to create a lot of hype and excitement around it before it’s launched and produce a lot of lead generation numbers.

Creating a smooth, and seamless marketing management system largely depends on the sum of the components of a team- a realization that will help you push some great marketing frontiers. With any marketing collateral, usually there are a number of individuals in a cross-functional team working in sync such as professionals from the product team, sales team, content team, marketing team, SEO team, and the designing team. Even with one team individual out of the equation, the equilibrium of a sustainable and successful marketing campaign is hampered.

The product team helps with the basic understanding about the ‘features’ of the product’ content or else the use case-study to help the content team decipher and break down complex business and technology jargon to the end-user. The sales team helps with the pattern intelligence gained from customers face-to-face interactions or chat transcripts about what customers are asking. Then, the content team works on the presentation of the same in the most comprehensible language to the customers. The keyword and market intelligence are gained by the marketing team as well as the expansion of the product or brand consciousness. The SEO teams target the right keywords bringing more traffic to the website, and the designing team is responsible for the business designing aspect of it.

  • The Pros:

Getting the Results:

A standalone work can’t justify the effectiveness of a project which entails a collaborative approach. The ultimate result from effective collaboration and seamless communication is to get great numbers in the lead generation process and a cross-functional team has helped us nail the marketing RoI.

Subject Matter Expertise:

Every team comes with their own set of expertise that is impossible to be attained or the lack of it covered by any other team. A content professional can’t design and vice versa- it takes the two of them to tango. Every team flanked by other teams becomes able enough to impact the brand authority, SERP rankings, emotional connect with the audience, and the business bottomline.  

Effective Process Implementation and Defined KRA:

Cross-functional teams help in having a streamlined and not-haywire process- levers without which you can pull the products and services sale. With a lot of different experts working together in a cross-functional team, everyone has a defined KRA on which the next process is dependent. This way everyone appreciates the work deadlines and meets expectations to keep the work progressing in the right direction.

  • The Cons:

A Lot of Dependencies:

Working in a cross-functional team is filled with dependencies- you are dependent on somebody to deliver you some work on which you will work which ultimately is awaited by a third individual. Since there are a lot of dependencies, deliverables might not be available for the next round of process wasting a lot of time in the melee.    

No Clear Expectations:

The process might be lost in case no clear expectations are set, different team individuals aren’t on the same page, and if the process isn’t backed by any documentation regarding deadlines, and the KRAs to be delivered. What you can see might not be perceived with the same intensity and intent by the other person with which your deliverable lies resulting in uncompleted tasks and unmet expectations.

Setting the Right Prioritization Order:

It’s not like a cross-functional team is working on a single project. With the overlapping of multiple projects responsibilities on a team, the prioritization setting might falter somewhere. One project might be on priority for one individual while another on someone else’ plate. One of the challenges working with a cross-functional team is prioritization of projects on equal terms for everyone.

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Originally published February 13 2019,updated February 22 2020

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