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The Extent of AI in Content: A Thought
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With the advent of AI into the space of content marketing- researching, curating, creating, publishing, and disseminating content has been really easy. 

But the big question is- ‘to what extent?’

When you are building up your business from scratch, you need all the traction and traffic that you can gather. You can’t spare the time or the resources to look into whether or not keyword frequency requirement has been met, which third-party websites you are getting backlinks from, or the content quality. AI can be a savior in those times.

With AI’s scalability and precision, a lot of time-intensive and operational tasks have been automated in the content industry like:

  • Legal documents

  • Fact-based reporting

  • Definite product descriptions

  • Press releases

Gradually, as you scale up your business and are at a stage where you want quality leads instead of the quantity of leads, you realize AI isn’t the solution. To build your brand consciousness as a thought leader in your industry, you need content that speaks to the clients and customers. You need a human hand to help you with, well, the human part of content. 

Nobody is sure about AI’s power in the future but looking at the present scenario, AI is not advanced enough to replace humans when it comes to creative space. Creative content requires high levels of creativity, editing, improvisation, and other literary elements like emotion, figures of speech, tone, flair, a bigger thought process, and human touch. AI still can’t break new grounds in human thinking.

Topics: HR News and Trends

Originally published December 07 2018,updated December 07 2019

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