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The Future of CX: Trends All Set to Rule 2019 and Beyond
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Customer experience manifests in three stages in the buying journey and providing a delightful experience throughout can separate an impeccable customer service from an average one. Customer delight is not going to be the same and is supposed to evolve by leaps and bounds. Therefore, professionals in the arena has to raise the bar to ensure customers get exactly what they are looking for with ZERO probability of a mismatch.

  • The Pre-Buying Consideration

To know what a customer wants is only possible through requirement gathering and researching their preferences that necessitates the use of technology and predictive analytics. In the pre-buying stage, it’s important to present the customer with the right options and help them narrow down the options without compromising on their preferences. After a brief walkthrough, The next step should be to allow the customer have a demo under a trial period to explore the features in detail and validate whether the promises live up to their expectations.

  • The Buying Decision

In the buying stage, the duty of customer service is to let customers know the ways to get the most value of the product. They want customer service to explain the features to a point until it becomes a convincing trigger to buy the product. A tipping point can be explaining how a product allows the customer to save their time and efforts or how using the product can provide an extra block of time. The stage also explores the level of personalization and customization a product offers and providing dissatisfactory or half-baked answers provide a negative customer experience.

  • The Post-Buying Experience

Before you make a sale and call it a day, the post buying experience matters even more than the the actual purchase.  As customers have to live with the product, they expect customer service to stay in touch and dive into how the product is shaping up their life, the level of personalization it provides along with an effective feedback and complaint redressal mechanism.

Of all these stages, the buying stage has the maximum impact in determining customer experience as it’s all about helping a customer make the right decision and settle down for the ideal product that vanishes their pain areas. Customers have no option but to live with the product once they buy for it and optimizing their buying experience can set new benchmarks in customer service.

This is where technology and predictive analytics can play a crucial role in determining the areas where customers are struggling. Mapping the customer journey on website, the pages and resources they visit or the conversations they strike with business is going to take the “personalization” game to the next level. It’s only a tip of the iceberg and predictive analytics is going to open avenues for personality profiling to recommend products based on exact matching choices and preferences.

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Originally published September 04 2018,updated November 18 2019

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