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The Guide to Gifting in the Workplace
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The ideal gift is one which may not be high on monetary value but high on emotional value. The value of gifts increases manifold when a person can feel how somebody has gone the extra mile to take time out, think and remember what the person likes, and give it a personal touch that speaks about the relationship they share. Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars and making gifting extremely commoditized, give your gifts a creative front. That’s the power of true gifting.

Moreover, the gifts must be such that they help an individual in their personal and professional journey. So go ahead and fuel the irrational passions of whoever you are gifting that can be anything from books for book lovers or a guitar for music enthusiasts.

Some workplace gifting etiquettes that will help you:

  • Gifting your boss or line managers is not a hard and fast corporate practice. Whether to gift or not to gift the boss depends on your personal equation with him/her. If in case you have decided that you are eventually gifting your boss, always remember to gift things which are low on the monetary value and high on emotional connect.

  • When it comes to collaborative or group gifting, you must always participate. Not being a part of such a practice doesn't reflect well and, worse, can inadvertently point to no intention of yours to be a part of group initiatives.

  • There are people from different ethnicities and religions in the workplace. It’s a sage advice to avoid gifts which can hurt religious or minority feeling. If in case you are sure about the religion of the person you are gifting to, then only you can gift something that has religious value. When you aren’t sure about their religion, avoid any religious gift. The best way out of all these situations is to keep your gift religion-agnostic.

  • If you receive a gift on some occasion common to the both of you like New Year or a general religious festival like Christmas, you must reciprocate the action. If gifting is about appreciation from your boss on a major milestone or individual success, there’s no need to reciprocate.

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Originally published December 07 2018,updated December 07 2019

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