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The Importance of Calling Customers by Their Names
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To or not to is a critical question you face when designing your email campaigns, sales playbook, or when meeting clients in regards to calling customers by their names. Every business goes by what they think deems fit to their nature of business and general content specifications are. But there’s has been a massive shift towards personalized and customized emails and other forms of content pieces. Read more to know what will suit you best.     

What is the main benefit of personalization to your business?

  • Adding a Human Touch:

Calling customers by their names removes the tag of numbers customers are referred to as by or become for organisations. When you are calling them by their names, you are giving a face to the faceless entity and a human touch to the transactional relationship. The connection and communication between marketers or salespeople and customers become more genuine and conversational.

  • More Open Communication:

The rapport built by using a customer's name is more personal and not formal. The customers become more comfortable, consciously or unconsciously, stating their problems with more clarity and openness and coming forth with things they doubt about. It feels to both the parties that they are having a one-to-one interaction where one party is seeking the answer to their challenges and the other party is offering the best solutions possible.    

Do you consider the age of a client when calling them by their name?

Age doesn’t play that an essential role in deciding whether or not you call customers by their name. The main idea behind using names and personalised content is to get close to the customers and understand their pain points better without which your chances to sell decreases by a considerable margin   

How do you ask for your customer's name (directly, from a certain form, etc.)?

Irrespective of what channels you are using, ensure that you have both the first and the last name of the customer by using a simple form. Never ask the customers their names directly on call as it’s better to know them beforehand.  

Which means of communication do you find the best for using names? (face-to-face, email, phone)

All communication channels should be treated equally in approaching the customers to keep a cohesive and unified end-to-end experience.

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Originally published April 12 2019,updated November 18 2019

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