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The Mantra For Perfect Work-Life Balance
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Time is running. It is running fast ,you are in it with all your heart and soul. No track of time , no idea of food, family and fun. Is that how you plan to balance your health, relationship and work?

From where we see, you are never going to get time as an entrepreneur. Instead, you have to find that sweet spot to spend quality time with your inner self and the people who truly matter. We suggest a strict 1-day break policy in a week where you put everything aside from client calls to business meetings and devote yourself completely to family and friends.

Every six months, you should unwind and go on a local vacation to reflect on your personal life and declutter your mind. However, when things go uptight; You must still make it a priority to go for some recreational activity to sweat your stress away and get closer to the work-life balance. These activities sometimes also land business opportunities as you get to meet many like-minded people.

All these activities might help you refocus on work as you find a reason that you are not handcuffed to work and have other activities outside of work to make your life more fulfilling, meaningful and purposeful.

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Originally published August 21 2018,updated February 22 2020

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