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The Pros and Cons of AI in Recruitment
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Modern AI technologies help match the right talent to the job. These technologies take various input parameters like education, work experience, demographics, and co-curricular activities to give a coherent and compact list of individuals best suited for the responsibilities at your company. These days, data related to the combination of attributes resulting in successful and highly talented professionals can also be fed to the system. AI can be trained, modified, and equipped to churn out a continuous stream of skilled individuals.

The Advantages:

  • AI is a scalable and powerful implement to augment your hiring process. With the help of AI, you can select candidates and schedule interviews. The mundane tasks of HR processes are easily handled by the AI so that you are left with the most important decisions to make like the questions to be asked and the interview itself.   

  • It brings down the list of a massive number of candidates to a few candidates. AI parses hundreds of profile for the right keywords, skill sets, and job descriptions to present a cut-down list of individuals with the right competencies.  

The Disadvantages:

  • AI acts as a support and flanks the core hiring process which is based primarily on human decisions. It is not a perfect science and works on algorithms of various parameters like people with a Masters degree are better equipped to manage their tasks or people in the age group 0f 20-30 are more energetic in their work. It can’t see beyond a defined set of boundaries. Because of this blind spot, it doesn’t take into account people who might not be able to fulfill the criteria and usually fall outside the set boundaries but can have high potential and can be perfect fit for the organization.

  • When you are feeding data into the system there’s the risk of disseminating unconscious biases into the system based on gender, color, race, and ethnicity. Those data can be correct in some circumstances but might not hold true in all situations. There have been instances of passing on manager biases to the systems in the past. That's a disadvantage that can raise a lot of eyebrows.

Topics: Human Resource

Originally published December 06 2018,updated November 18 2019

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