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The shifting paradigm of HR
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In our experience, HR teams used to receive silos of candidate data that’s not only hard to screen for the desired skills, but also extended the hiring time and efforts. Thanks to data analytics, the entire hiring process has changed for good. HR teams can now derive valuable insights from candidate profiles that was previously a distant dream. No matter whether you want to know your average sourcing time, best sourcing channels, active candidates or the companies to source from, data analytics has made it possible.  The key processes in recruitment whether it’s sourcing, screening or selection have undergone a landslide change.

The major strides are prominent in these areas:

  • Pre-Hiring Efforts

HR teams no longer rely on the age-old pen and paper model to conduct assessments. Rather, they conduct online assessments that neither require a brick and mortar premises nor a hundred invigilation checks. Recruitment teams leverage online assessment technology to filter the prospects beforehands and shortlist candidates with a high likelihood of selection or conversion. Aside this, plenty of mundane tasks such as candidate filtering, interview scheduling and funnel management are now automated with cutting-edge tools.

  • Intelligent Hiring Decisions

Compared to the times when domain acumen used to be the sole criterion for selection, the focus has shifted to personality profiling. Apart from technical acumen, HR teams now have better ways to judge cultural fitment and potential to scale with mechanisms such as psychometric and cognitive assessments that reveal learning agility, ability to perform under pressure, leadership mindset and more.

Hiring decisions are now a cumulative sum of domain acumen and other crucial personality parameters relating to on-job performance. Organizations don’t have to take instinct based decisions as there are tools to create job-like conditions as seen in the case of simulators to hire coding professionals.

  • Targeted Learning & Development Programs

Unlike creating vanilla programs that can’t cater to the diverse learning needs of employees, HR teams can create programs that aim to upgrade existing skills and contribute to high on-job performance, thereby boosting employee morale and engagement.

If your HR functions are not evolving, don’t be surprise on the soon to come doomsday. It’s time you give a new face to your Human Resource actions.  Make a strong department that improves with the course of time and embrace the modern approach for happier future.

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Originally published February 13 2019,updated January 22 2020

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