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Tip the tricks for lead generation
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Lead generation is an integral part of business. One can simply not do anything without customers. And when it is the first time in business then this rule needs more consideration.

Accept the fact that you can only persuade people and not compel into buying. Here’s a technique that builds up multiple potentials at Mettl month after month with a high success rate:

Find a topic that you can explore in detail and show your business expertise. Don’t worry, you don’t have to shell thousands of dollars to do that. If you want to keep budgets in check, create a free resource or step-by-step guide to solve a problem. Remember that the solution should be somewhat in-line with your product offerings, else the purpose of creating the resource will get defeated.

For instance, if you are into the web optimization business, you can create a ready resource on tips to perform a technical audit of a site. Then, launch an email nurturing campaign offering the resource and set UTM parameters to track opens, engagement and such metrics.

You can also announce the nitty gritty of the product on social media. After measuring engagement, get in touch with people who have signed-up for the resource or requested a demo. These are the people who think the resource helps; so there is a great likelihood of conversion too!

Start from scratch and go all the way up. It is about making the right move, at the right time. Start with this.

Topics: Human Resource

Originally published October 11 2018,updated November 18 2019

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