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Tips+Example of Elevator Pitch for a Freelance Social Media Specialist
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When you are a freelance social media specialist, it’s usually difficult to put your points across to anyone without them doubting your skills and capabilities. But when you tweak your words a little and showcase why you would be as good as a full-time working social media expert, it need not be difficult. Some key advice:

  • Talk about Clients and Projects:

Ask for testimonials from your clients and use them in your elevator pitches to instantly showcase your capabilities, experience, and expertise effortlessly- all in one single line without being pushy and wordy. Keep the pitch creative and witty or serious and professional depending on the brand you are pitching to and testimonials act as an effective catalyst for personal branding.

  • Give links to your best work:

Add links to your best work- videos, social media posts, and stories- which instantly shows the kind of engagement your work draws for different brands. You don’t even need to analyze and present them in collated data to your prospective clients since elevator pitch has to be small and crisp and you can't possibly put everything in it to do justice to your work.   


Carla Evans from Blueberry Box says I have helped her increase her brand’s followership from 500 to 20,000 ( And I have helped Philips Chadwick from Blue Enterprises ( increase the engagement levels with his brand’s audience.

With vast experience of over 5 years, I have gained the competitive advantage to put a finger on the pulse of what ticks with people, understanding what motivates them, and to know what they like to interact and engage with day-in and day-out- making brands meet customers where it matters the most.

I was thinking if we could collaborate together to explore where we could reach together with your brand.

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Originally published April 12 2019,updated November 18 2019

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