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Top 3 Unique Gifts for Female Business Leaders
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It’s difficult to decide what to gift someone on a personal level, let alone thinking about gifting someone you know in a professional capacity. The most difficult case perhaps is what to gift a female business leader. Not to mention, it must be thoughtful and not transactional in nature. Let’s have a discussion.  

  • A Visit to a Renowned Family Photographer to Decorate the Home with Beautiful Family Photos:

While doing your home once you have bought a new home, or rented a place, or even while spring cleaning, often you are stuck with what to decorate your homes with. Usually, memories stored in a digital photograph either remains stored in cameras, phones, or albums that are opened once every year.

The leader in heels would really love to have memories created by a renowned family photographer to be seen every day in their living room.

  • Gourmet/Makeup/ Spa Basket:

Depending upon the personality and likings of the women leader you are gifting to, a gourmet or makeup or a spa essential basket to help them revel in their interests and freely let their hair down are great alternatives.   

  • The Gift of Experiences:

Gift something which includes engaging and exhilarating experiences which the female leaders don’t enjoy alone, but the entire family can participate in. So, give the boss lady, the gift of family time. Gift them a platform or website subscription which offers a lot of experiences like horse riding, cooking, wine tasting, shooting, mud bathing, golf, and so many others.

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Originally published April 12 2019,updated October 12 2019

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