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Top Mistakes to Avoid in Email Campaigns
Insights From Mettl Company Insights


The top mistakes which ruin email campaigns are:

No Personalization:

Start sending more personalized emails so that the individuals feels it’s particularly meant for them and not a part of mass email campaign. Apart from the first name, starte including additional details like company name and recent content pieces an individual has read or interacted with. The results were marked by an open rate of above 40% from what used to hover around 8-10%.

Not doing Enough Analysis:

It’s important to keep innovating and changing to keep the audience engaged and to improve your ROI. Mettl did a constant and continuous A/B testing on various aesthetical features by changing the color of CTA, introducing variations in the subject lines with different statement and question formats, and tweaking the length of the copy with two or three paragraphs format. With each change, measure how you are faring against it. The conversion from emails has jumped by more than 50% presently.


Topics: Marketing

Originally published January 11 2019,updated November 18 2019

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