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Want to Catch the Recruiter’s Eye? These 10 Hacks Can Help
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Standing out of the crowd in an ocean of applicants is not an easy job. However, crafting your resume the right way can make all the difference. These tips are simple, but highly effective in landing 2X more calls from recruiters, skyrocketing your chances of selection. Take a look.

    1. Follow the “One-Page” Rule

Not again? That’s the first thought candidates have when asked to restrict their resumes to a single page. Most candidates feel that once their career goes forward, they must embellish their resume with intricate details about their job role while flaunting their achievements. But think:

If Elon Musk can have a one page resume after being a serial entrepreneur and launching names including the likes of Tesla and SpaceX, why can’t you?

Only if you can keep your resume limited to one page, it’s sure to get the recruiter love it deserves that also increases the odds of getting an interview call.

    2. Follow Reverse Chronology

Your most recent experience must come first, followed by previous jobs taken up in your career. It’s a surefire strategy to organize elements in your resume that grabs the attention of a recruiter. Your educational qualifications must also follow a similar trend. Quote your highest degree first, and so on.

    3. Include Social Profiles

Cultural fitment has become a buzzword in the recruitment arena and most recruiters factor it to screen resumes other than the skills. Including social profiles can reveal insights about your life that helps in assessing how much do you align culturally with an organization. Other than that, you must also include links to your personal blogs, website and other collaterals.

    4. Avoid Jargons

Use simple and easy to understand words in your resume and you can easily secure a place in the recruiter’s heart. You must understand that recruiters might not be aware of the technical jargons and overdoing them all over the resume to look smart isn’t the right strategy. Use plenty of action verbs to demonstrate how your skills moved the needle and wherever possible, talk in data and numbers.

    5. Sell Your Skills

Believe it or not, a resume is similar to a sales pitch where you intend to sell your skills unlike a product or service. When recruiters are to scan truckloads of resumes, whether your resume is in or out gets decided in as low as 6 seconds. That’s the average time to take a selfie! And, your chances of getting hired are decided in a flash! So, every candidate must focus on the visual elements in the resume. From collating essential details in a tabular or graphical form to using bold fonts and colors; everything matters.

    6. Offer Personality Insights

Recruiters look for resources with sound communication skills and a presentable personality. Not that you should resemble Tom Cruise, but a brief introduction and the experience or expertise you bring to the table cuts down the screening time for recruiters. So, condense such details in a 2-3 minute video and you are already one step ahead of your competition. Want to know a secret tip? Flaunt data and figures as much as you can. Instead of saying you helped X organization increase their revenue, say your efforts showed a Y percent increase in their revenues.

    7. Highlight JOB Specific Skills and Promotions

Recruiters get bombarded with resumes that have no nexus between their qualifications, experience and job role. In other words, the skills lack coherence. Candidates who have an additional certification and qualification that directly relates to the job role are always placed higher than the application who don’t have. So, make sure you include that section in the education summary at the very beginning.

    8. Avoid Long Winded Sentences

Candidates go long-winded to impress recruiters, a strategy that certainly backfires for multiple reasons. Given that recruiters are to juggle with millions of resumes; candidates must try to cut down the scan time. To do that, candidates must furnish only the key details and leave the rest for further discussions post resume selection. The idea here is to say more with less words! Other than that, include loads of bullets to enhance readability and that’s that. Pat your back for creating a stunning resume!
    9. Trim the Flab

Any detail that doesn’t offer insights about your relevant skills or personality only acquires space on the resume and should be dropped. Unless explicitly asked, feel free to cut down details such as marital status, birthday, religion, ethnicity and other job irrelevant details. This single step not only makes your resume neat, but also keeps the focus of the recruiter that certainly increases your likelihood of shortlisting.

    10. Justify Career Gaps

If you have gaps in your resume owing to personal exigencies or other reasons, make sure to quote the reasons rather than leaving the section unanswered.

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Originally published September 12 2018,updated December 07 2019

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