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Want to Create a Kickass Remote Work Policy ? Don’t Forget to Include These 3 Ground Rules
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Announcing a remote work policy is not tough; however, churning out productivity is quite a task. Follow these ground rules if you want your remote work policy to work in your favor.

  • The Employee MUST Work from a Nearby Co-Working Space

We allow employees to work remotely as they please; however, with a caveat. They must choose a co-working space where they can work aside with other people under the roof. In my experience, employees get lethargic and lazy if they are to work from home everyday; given the homely conveniences they can access anytime. Overdoing work from home takes away the need to follow a daily routine like office, pushing them to the backseat.

A co-working space, on the other hand, pushes them to follow a daily regimen, commute a bit and report to work on time. Also, working with other people builds healthy interactions while keeping their mental health in check. When there is no room to be glued to the bed, this allows for better focus and productivity. We also have a work from home policy; however, that requires the employee ton exclusively declare that they are working from home and not the co-working space.

  • The Employee MUST Be Reachable Via Email, Calls or Chat

We encourage employees to stay online via chat application while actively responding to calls and emails; barring their break and lunch hours. Our goal is to simulate a real office environment via remote working while providing them the optimum freedom they truly deserve. Thanks to the digital world, employees still manage to perform key activities such as discussion with their peers or attending a conference call; all while enjoying the perks of flexi-working.

  • The Employee MUST Visit the Office Every Quarter

No matter how much solitude employees prefer, the feeling of isolation takes over at a point and needs to be fixed. Therefore, our policy also requires employees to visit the office at least once every quarter for 2-3 days to develop healthy relationships with peers and get that much required sense of belonging. So, every employee availing flexi-working visits our office for 2-3 days every quarter and we make every effort to develop team bonding via get togethers, outdoor activities and other fun-filled endeavors.

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Originally published August 27 2018,updated May 27 2020

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