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Want to Feel Less Lonely Working From Home? Simply Follow these 5 Tips
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First and foremost, you must identify and understand the triggers behind your lonely feelings while working from home. Is it because you miss the physical presence around or there is a disconnect between your thought process and ideologies that make you feel lonely? Most people fail to understand the true meaning of loneliness and attribute the feeling only to a physical presence; which is simply isn’t the case. You can still feel lonely in a thriving, office set-up if you are unable to connect with your peers. Nevertheless, if physical presence of people is what’s bothering you; here’re a few ways to address the problem:

  • Create a Support System First

The idea of working from home without a nagging boss feels a blissful idea in the beginning, but later turns into a slog and causes emotional turbulence. That’s simply because you failed to do the groundwork before jumping on to the work from home bandwagon. So, make a point to announce to your friends, family and dear ones that you are planning to work from home. You must have a list of 3-4 people on whom you can fall back on or else the idea of working from home will soon start haunting you; despite the perks it offer. Whenever you feel lonely; simply give them a short voice or video call. That’s that.

  • Prepare a List of Activities

The way you manage your break time is the deal breaker. Loneliness raises its head when you think you have nothing else to do, except your routine work that slowly takes a toll on your mental health. On the other hand, feeding a hobby can help you manage the feelings of loneliness better without feeling like sinking. Narrow down a few options that make you lose track of time and do that during your short breaks. It can be singing, dancing, painting, meditating, stretching, exercising or anything that disconnects you from the physical world. Let the dopamine rush say goodbye to your lonely feelings.

  • Practice Self-Talk Techniques

Nothing beats loneliness more than having a motivating word with yourself. Stand in the front of mirror or take a corner before you start. Ask yourself questions such as:

How do I feel today?

What Can I do to get better physically and mentally?

What have I learned over these years?

Can I plan a trip?

These are only sample questions. You can have conversations that allow you to have  self-reflection and cut-down dependency on the external factors.

  • Step Out for a While

Sometimes, you only need nature’s vibrance to feel better. Don’t get locked in your house all day long. Step out in the sun, enjoy the breeze, shop groceries or visit the local cafe every once in a while. Having random conversations can also help you beat loneliness. You not only feel less lonely chatting with people you don’t know; but you also break out of your comfort zone during the process.

  • Join a Co-Working Space

To get the officevibe every once in a while, you can also join a co-working space where you can find like-minded people and develop professional relationships as well.

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Originally published March 27 2019,updated June 07 2020

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