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Ways to Keep Employees Motivated When there’s No Promotion/Appraisal in Store
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Chances are you might have been in a position where some of your team members didn’t receive any appraisals and promotion. What do you do as a manager to make the employees not feel unmotivated and sad? Some key points to remember in mind to help you deal with such a situation in a better way.    

  • Giving them Greater Responsibilities to Learn:

Giving everyone appraisals and promotions at the same time isn’t possible. Those not getting appraisals naturally become unmotivated and disengaged. But offering them greater responsibilities to learn, paving the way for future promotion and appraisal keeps them productive and inspired. Offer such employees or team members genuine feedback about why they couldn't get appraisal this time around and how they can be certainly considered in the future by coming true on the present responsibilities. Certainly, words should be marked by actions and you have to give them a clear-cut path, the targets, KRAs, and incentives till the next cycle of appraisals.   

  • Tying Back their Passion to Organization’s Vision:

To keep motivation from dying in candidates since they haven’t been given promotion, it’s essential to show them how their work ties back to the organizational objectives. Show your employees how their work impacts the vision and mission of the organization through metrics and effective data comparing the past and the present as well as the tell them the future prospects as to where you want to see them some time down the line.

Topics: HR News and Trends

Originally published March 22 2019,updated January 22 2020

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