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What are the Top 5 Skills Employers are Looking for?
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Every year brings in new trends, new terms, and new methodologies that form the skills the industry would be after that year. So, what are the new things that the employers and recruitment managers are looking for this year?

  • Career- Oriented:

One aspect of candidates that really matter to employers is how they see themselves. Orientation towards the career is an important skill for the present that also defines the future. Some key aspects of career-orientation are what are the plans for the future, how their company is a step to help them in the bigger scheme of things, and how focused the candidate in the achievement of their professional dreams. It exemplifies their motivation, inspiration, and passion in professional as well as personal life.

  • Emotional Intelligence:

For effective management and leadership, the smaller traits like empathy, emotional intelligence, that define the broader term emotional intelligence are going to be key skills in 2019 and beyond. The effective communication, negotiation, collaboration, and the resulting productivity- all boils down to one crucial human element and that is emotional intelligence.  

  • Curiosity:

One has to be enthusiastic, eager, and curious about the responsibilities that come with a new role. A great deal of curiosity is how an individual finds semblance between such new responsibilities and own capabilities. There will be challenges in the achievements of objectives, and understanding when to let curiosity levels take over to handle them, when to take the traditional path, and ask for help from others can make a world of a difference.  

  • Positive Aggression:

One has to be aggressive in finding new opportunities to succeed, implement new business strategies into the work optimization, and be crazy about your ideas. But everything that is aggressive has to be backed by discipline, planning, and understanding. When planning for the future, aggression is good in extrapolating growth and expansion but the planning must be rooted in reality. Positive aggression is a skill that will be hugely in demand from employers worldwide.

  • Visualization:

Everybody can be grandiose in their plan and objectives, but visualization as a key skill differentiates the realistic planning from empty planning. Visualization defines the path the candidate has decided to take, the smaller objectives to reach the bigger goals, and continuous work to make such objectives work effectively.

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Originally published March 15 2019,updated November 18 2019

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