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What are your Summer Motivation Tips?
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With the sun breaking your spirit and self-motivation, how can you possibly expect your employees to work hard. Not just employees, business generation reaches a naught and clients are lazy. It’s a downtime but still the show has to go on. And there are some tweaks and finetuning that are required to run your business through the summer. Some food for thought:   

  • Flexibility is the Key:

Avoid creating stringent and hard and fast rules for your teammates related to their time and conduct in office. Have a broader set of guidelines within which their behavior and ethics shall fall and in which everyone can find their ease of adjustment. Especially during summers, make arrangements for employees to meet clients after office hours, allow them to work-from-home or remotely, and offer sales professionals cab and conveyance facilities for meeting clients. There are different times of the day during the summer in which employees can be or can’t be productive. Primarily, help the employees know work in time is important, not the time of the day and way of completing it.

  • Relaxed Dressing Code:

Allow for people to be dressed in more casual and comfortable clothing for summer time. There will be times when you are expected to wear business suits too for a high level of business meeting or presentation. But, then, not every day is the same and business suits can take a vacation for such days. Casual clothing like shorts, jeans, and clothing in cotton and moisture absorbing and heat repelling fabrics and colors can come as a respite for employees traveling from a distance to the office. The relaxed dress code can be tweaked according to your organizational policies and culture.

Topics: HR News and Trends

Originally published August 30 2019,updated December 07 2019

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