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What is the impact of training on marketing employees?
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Yes, you must train your people and marketers. But, we are not talking about “One Size Fits All” training sessions with no clear purpose or goal in mind that goes entirely fruitless, causing sheer wastage of time, energy and resources. Training Need Identification should be the single most priority if you want your people to upskill and contribute to organizational growth.

Start with the three W’s: Why Train? When to Train?  What to Train?

Every person resides on a different level on the knowledge horizon and expecting them to extract value from Vanilla trainings is like shooting blindfold, praying to hit the target. Until you know the skill gaps and perform a competency analysis, your training goals will be far from met. Once you are versed with current proficiencies of candidates, designing a training plan to meet their expectations will become much easier. As far as assessing training ROI is concerned, you can utilize the Kirk Patrick 4 Level Training Evaluation Model to gauge training effectiveness in the short-term that has three stages:

  • A pre-assessment to analyze the current skill level
  • The original training
  • A post assessment to know how effectively the training covered skill gaps

Use a questionnaire as an immediate indicator to gauge training effectiveness at first. Remember that the true ROI can only be measured within a certain span say 6 months or a year when you conduct a periodic review, followed by a final 360 degree feedback with data driven insights.

Employees are the most important resource of any company. They carry the responsibility of work to be done and customer satisfaction. Don’t leave them unattended if you do then you are compromising with the company’s objectives. Give them a firm grasp of roles and responsibilities, to do so follow the suit.  

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Originally published August 23 2018,updated October 12 2019

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