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What to do When you are Jealous of a Coworker?
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You can’t help when you feel jealous of a co worker's success, increased percentage of appraisal, good performance feedback, or promotion. But you have to direct such negative feelings in a positive way through the steps mentioned below:

  • Don’t Feel Overwhelmed:

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by other success and not worthy when your coworkers take that prized appraisal or promotion. Just like not every failure is meant for you, not every success is meant for you either. The feeling of competition is hardwired into our brains and it’s a primitive survival instinct to feel this way otherwise long long in the past somebody would have taken your food away if you didn't get it and you would have been left to die.

  • Take your Jealousy in the Right Spirits:

Try and look at how you can mold these negative feelings in the right direction. Since we are not living in that past, what we can do is to take such emotions in the right way. Learn from others who are succeeding at the workplace- what’s making them succeed, what can you learn from their work ethics, discipline, skills, and experience, and how probably could you so internalize those values so that you may succeed. As long as you take comparisons and jealousy in the right spirits, there's no way it will push you down or deteriorate your success ladder. Moreover, if you keep thinking about others’ successes, you won’t be able to focus on your own.  

  • Don’t Let it Affect your Relationships at Work:

Always be the first person in congratulating those who have succeeded and internalize habits which will help you develop positive attitudes as your second-nature. Don’t let other successe hamper your work relationships with them because you never know when you will need them for your own growth and learning. Since everyone comes with skills and expertise of their own, there's always a chance to learn from them. Don’t burn bridges with people because of your jealousy so that it only burns up your career growth prospects.

Topics: Career Human Resources

Originally published March 22 2019,updated October 12 2019

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