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What to Keep in your Performance Review File?
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Keeping handy the requisite documents for a quick reference is of the utmost importance in a performance review. Here is the list of such documents:

  • Appreciation Emails:

Keep your portfolio ready with appreciation emails from clients, customers, peers, immediate supervisor, department head, or any person from any other department you might have collaborated with. It’s a great way to show your accomplishments from other’s mouth which act as a great validation of your cross-departmental collaboration capabilities, subject area expertise, and requisite job skills.

  • Let the Data Speak:

Fortify your achievements with real data about your efforts and corresponding organizational growth. Mention how your KPIs have helped the company get past challenges through a graphical representation stating in clear terms- to where in the future from where in the past

  • A Summary of Intangible Benefits:

Not every achievement you have accomplished can be quantified. Like the impact on the overall bigger picture and achievement of the company's bigger objectives. Tie back the details about any such effort of yours- be it mentoring teammates or taking additional responsibilities- to the achievement of the organization’s goal and profit benchmarks

  • Certifications:

Certifications speak volumes about your authority and domain expertise like nothing else. It’s a sure-shot way to showcase your credibility, sincerity, commitment, and the passion towards the subject area to excel not just at the workplace. It further shows your readiness to go the extra mile to hone your skills.

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Originally published January 11 2019,updated October 12 2019

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