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What Your Boss Really Wants From You and How to Deliver
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It’s such a difficult question. What does your manager want from you? How can you be there where they need you even before they have to ask? Some pointers to help you decode the science of effectively coming true on the expectations of your manager:

  • Integrity and Intelligence:

Irrespective of who your manager is and what department you work in, your manager wants you to be high in integrity and intelligence parameters. They want you to be highly disciplined, carry great work ethics, and be ready before they are. Be present in the meeting or office maybe 10 mins before your manager is supposed to visit and submit your work within timelines, - these are unsaid rules to adhere by always to progress in your career.

  • Excellent Energy Levels:

Be prepared with your part of the KRA and what your managers can expect from you. Be ready with the arsenal of your inputs, questions you have, and impact you wish to make in the organization’s vision. Are you coming up with a new project- read everything related to it, trends, and the case it which it can failures. Rather than being a passive observer of instructions, be an active contributor to what could change with what ideas you bring to the table. Be a self-starter, a taker for initiatives, and carry certain levels of passion for the projects you want to accomplish, your career growth, and organization’s profits.

  • Learning Agile:

The best of people, never leave learning. Be excited about new learning opportunities, ask your managers how you could join any training, leadership, or development programs, give your input cross-departmentally without seeking any direct and personal profit for yourself.

  • When in Doubt, Ask:

Never cease asking- your doubts, apprehensions, and questions. When you don’t agree with your manager on a certain point, choose a polite way to let them know. If you are not clear about your KRAs, ask your managers. Don’t assume your managers will know everything and as everyone is learning each day, your managers will appreciate if any disagreements lead them to learn more. This also shows you value your inputs, ideas, and thoughts.

  • Be a Team Player:

Be a proactive and participative in group activities and help your team members grow as well. Don’t work in-silo and spread negativity around. Trying your team members will show your leadership skills and your understanding that organizations and people grow in teams and not individually.

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Originally published April 12 2019,updated October 12 2019

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