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Working with an Impulsive Boss? Avoid These 3 Things During a Conversation
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Working with your boss or immediate manager can be a pleasant or unpleasant experience, depending on their personality and behavior. Although you don’t need a doctorate degree to decode what to say and what not to say in front of your boss, there are certain things that are a complete turn-off for people pressed for time, especially your boss. The next time you are discussing that important project with your boss, refrain from saying these 3 things:

  • Unnecessary or made up abbreviations that usually contain the first and last syllables of two independent phrases, but not a part of the general business glossary. They alienate conversations, cause interruptions and create confusions, thereby causing immense frustration for a high authority position or boss. Examples can be “I would need a CC tomorrow for transactions” where CC refers to credit cards. Or, “The report will be ready by COP(Close of Play) today”, where saying the report will be ready by today at [TIME] would have done the job. NP instead of saying “No Problem” or K in the place of Okay can be other possible blunders that you must avoid in front of your boss.
  • Excessive use of slangs indicate a casual and irresponsible attitude for the topic under discussion. Examples including twisting words such as “Mah”, “YOLO”, “Cheerio”, “Gotta”, “Gonna” or “OHKAY” must be strictly avoided while talking to your boss. Instead, trying to speak in a natural flair should be the goal to keep the conversation on the right track.
  • Trying to caveat everything shows a lack of confidence and fear to own responsibilities. Such words display uncertainty in behavior or the intended action. Phrases such as, “I don’t mean to offend anyone, but this plan is’t going to work.” Or, “I could have completed the report, only if he/she hasn’t choked my bandwidth.” One must avoid including excessive caveats while talking to their boss as it clearly indicates that a person is unsure, framing excuses or lack clarity of thoughts.

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Originally published September 12 2018,updated December 07 2019

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