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All You Need to Know About Psychometric Testing Tools

Written By Abhilash Malguri


1. Mettl Personality Inventory (MPI)
2. Mettl Personality Profiler (MPP)
3. Mettl Dark Personality Inventory (MDPI)
4. Mettl Motivation Inventory (MMI)
5. How Mercer Mettl Can Help?

Employees work to the best of their abilities when an organization caters to their specific needs, and that’s why companies are taking personality assessment tools into serious consideration.

The thriving world of business is not new to psychometric tools as more companies have taken to these tools for pruning a suitable workforce culture. Not to mention the fact that a staggering percentage of leading companies in countries like the UK and USA, among others make use of these tools to ramp up overall productivity.

Often job-seekers are not being able to align their performance with the job they are being offered, the reason being they are wrongly assessed for a given job role. Psychometric assessments can serve as a basis for measuring a candidate’s character and skills that would be appropriate to the role offered by the employer.

Often job-seekers are judged on their qualifications and not on the specialist skills that they might possess, creating a mismatch in a job’s required previous training and types of skills that would be appropriate and valuable to a role. These tests don’t deem any answer to be right or wrong but give an in-depth understanding of the person’s aptitude, personality, and interests,  giving leaders a precise idea of their mental ability to undertake any assigned project effectively.

That being said, personality assessment results might not always portray a definite and absolute picture of an individual; however, these tests can help businesses bring the right people on board to create a streamlined workforce that focuses on achieving productivity and organizational objectives. However, choosing the right psychometric assessment tool is always a matter of utmost importance.

Here we discuss a set of valid and reliable assessment tools for identifying behavioral problems, individually designed to evaluate the bright side, dark side and motivation factor in a candidate/employee while hiring/training:

1. Mettl Personality Inventory (MPI)

1.1 About

The Mettl Personality Inventory (MPI) is an innovative, data-backed personality assessment that evaluates critical work-relevant personality traits.

‘Know Thyself’ is the key to professional growth and personal development. Capturing this spirit, the Mettl Personality Inventory (MPI) has been designed to measure the person’s strengths and growth opportunities, and understand how his/her behavior influences himself/herself and others. And it’s easy to get a better understanding of personality traits and how to deal with them effectively.

1.2 Science Behind MPIGOTOTOP

The MPI measures the work-relevant bright side of the personality traits. Mettl scientists went beyond the well-established model of the broad “Big Five” personality factors and developed 26 ‘scales’ or narrower facet-like constructs, which form the building blocks of our assessments. These scales span a wide domain of personality and are mapped to companies’ or job roles’ specific performance models or behavioral competencies to obtain the optimal prediction of job success.

Ideally, the MPI should be administered to job applicants who have passed a few minimum qualifications for the job. The assessment results can serve as an important piece in the jigsaw puzzle of the hiring decision – but not the only determinant.


1.3 Applications

The MPI is best used as part of a systematic selection process, along with other scientifically developed and job-relevant predictors of future success.

Recruitment1.3.1 Recruitment

Cashier Hiring Test, Cab Drivers- Used in hiring blue-collar workers

0_Training and Development-431.3.2 Training and Development

Learning Agility Assessment to better evaluate the capacity to learn new things in the employees

0_HiPO Identification1.3.3 HiPo Identification

Leadership Assessment, Managerial Potential Assessment – to have a healthy pipeline of future leaders

0_Succession planning-451.3.4 Succession Planning

Employee Retention Assessment- to fast-track high potential to retain them

2. Mettl Personality Profiler (MPP)

The Mettl Personality Profiler (MPP) is an innovative, evidence-based assessment that measures the relevant personality traits required for critical work. It helps predict behavioral competencies, which,  in turn, lead to organizational outcomes of interest. It is designed to help employers gain access to otherwise hidden information about a job applicant or an employee, which is critical in influencing her/his behavior at work. Key highlights and functionality remain inalienable like the MPI with adaptability outside the Mettl Competency Framework.

2.1 Difference Between MPI & MPP

MPI and MPP are almost the same at the front-end with somewhat similar applications. The basic difference lies in the scaling technique used in their development; Likert in MPI, whereas Semantic in MPP. The usage of a Semantic scale, the bipolar scaling method takes into consideration a candidate’s ability to think and any significant change in his/her response style.

Therefore, MPP is made for white-collar workers. The major reason being, it gets a tad easier for some smart people to generate fake responses based on MPI.

2.2 Science Behind MPP

The MPP is based on the well-established “Big Five” model of personality traits and the corresponding facets aligned to the bright side of human personality. The MPP uses the semantic differential item format to reduce the problem of respondents ‘faking good’ and thereby improve the assessment usefulness.

The FFM specifies that people can be described based on their standing on these five broad personality traits: extraversion (outgoing/energetic vs. solitary/reserved), openness to experience (inventive/curious vs. consistent/cautious), emotional stability (secure/confident vs. sensitive/nervous), agreeableness (friendly/compassionate vs. cold/unkind), and conscientiousness (efficient/organized vs. easy-going/careless).


2.3 ApplicationsGOTOTOP-1

The MPP, when used with large numbers of job applicants, in recommended ways, will yield a better-quality workforce over time.

0_Recruitment-422.3.1 Recruitment

Aviation Pilots, Insurance Sales Executive - hiring white-collar employees

0_Training and Development-432.3.2 Training & Development

Learning Style Test to understand the current proficiency level of an employee; training and developing them effectively

0_HiPO Identification2.3.3 HiPo Identification

Leadership Assessments to have a healthy pipeline of future leaders

0_Succession planning-452.3.4 Succession Planning

Employee Retention Tests - to retain the potential employees

3. Mettl Dark Personality Inventory (MDPI)

With an increase in work pressure and subsiding patience, workplaces nowadays strive to create an ideal environment for employees. However, vulnerable dark traits can also get triggered in such an environment, which tends to threaten the security of employees, clients, and the overall work culture. Mettl has created a dark personality inventory that contains six dark traits, aiming to measure negative personality constructs in potential hires and existing employees as well.

3.1 Science Behind MDPI

After extensive research,  we divided the human personality into six traits, based on which MDPI has been built. We’ve already discussed those traits in the above sections, which include opportunism, self-obsession, insensitivity, temperamental, impulsiveness, and thrill-seeking.

We studied several factors responsible for triggering dark traits and segregated the industries and job roles into three categories in decreasing order of risk:

  • Red Zone-These are the high-risk zones holding the power to jeopardize the company’s reputation and customer safety.

  • Yellow Zone-These are the medium-risk zones; the reason being employees might exploit internal work culture, intellectual property, and data stored by the company.

  • Green Zone-These are the low-risk zones for employees that can harm assets like company property, financial assets, machinery, or other physical assets.


3.2 Applications

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. Find Mettl Dark Personality Inventory and other related tests to discover your dark and bright side.

0_Screening while hiring3.2.1Screening While Hiring

Cashier hiring, cab drivers, blue-collar recruitment test- to filter out the unwanted ones.

0_Safeguard your culture3.2.2Safeguard Your Culture

Workplace culture assessments- to ensure no danger to the work culture.

0_Safeguard your customers3.2.3 Safeguard Your Customers

School safety assessments- to assure a safe place for customers and employees.

4. Mettl Motivation Inventory (MMI)

Just like a smooth and intense motor is vital for the continuous working of a car, a motivated and finely tuned workforce is imperative to operate the business smoothly and adequately. Mettl Motivation Inventory is a comprehensive test of motivation that gives a precise understanding of what drives and motivates a person to perform effectively and excel at work.

4.1 Science Behind MMI

The more motivated a workforce is, the greater is the organization’s potential for success. Typically, it measures eight key motivators under three major needs listed below.

4.1.1 Sustainability Needs-

This talks about the elements that aim to meet the needs of one’s current situation and the predicted future. The key motivators pertaining to this are:

0_Validity od PsychometricFinancial Security

4.1.2 Relatedness Needs-

This refers to the part of a person’s identity, which equates to the social and external esteem needs. This covers the following three motivators:

0_Validity od PsychometricRecognition 0_Validity od PsychometricAffiliation 0_Validity od PsychometricCompetition

4.1.3 Growth Needs-

It is self-explanatory and alludes to the individual’s internal expectations and desires constituting what they will obtain from their work. The key motivators here are:

0_Validity od PsychometricPower 0_Validity od PsychometricAdvancement 0_Validity od PsychometricAchievement

4.2 Applications

The Mettl Motivation Inventory’s in-depth insights and range of business-relevant reports are considered suitable in the selection of graduate, professional, and management positions.

0_Retention4.2.1 Retention

Employee Retention Test to explore the motivators needed to retain the potential employees

0_Engagement4.2.2 Engagement

Employee Engagement Assessment to uncover the factors driving a healthy engagement at the workplace

0_Exit Interview4.2.3 Exit Interview

Exit Interview Assessment to discover the elements badly needed at the workplace to motivate employees

5. How Mercer Mettl Can Help?GOTOTOP-1

Psychometric tests provided by Mercer | Mettl allows recruiters and companies to make well-informed decisions of recruitment, training, and promotion of both candidates and employees. The extensive library of tests and simulators can help you create your customized assessments to evaluate the underlying abilities and current skills of the shortlisted candidate. Explore a wide range of psychometric, cognitive, role-centric and technical assessments to onboard the right people.

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